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Hey, I’m Dan, its great to meet you!

Inspiration is captured in many ways. For me personally, its from the remote regions of the world. From towering ancient forests of Western Tasmania, the gritty surfaces of the wild arid deserts of Jordan in the middle East, to the mighty jagged rims of the snow peaked mountains of the Himalayas, and of course, everything in between. Experiencing the magic of the Earth's diverse environments is never enough, I wish I could take them all home with me! My desire to etch my own memories has been manifested in to another form. A creative outlet where I get to meet and work with people from cultures all over the world, saving their special memories for them is a truly fulfilling of line of service that I take great pride in delivering.

‘Anything Engraved’ is far more than a local business. Its an engaging creative workshop. An opportunity to come together, make new friends and mesh together a kaleidoscope of ideas from many different cultures, exchange and collaborate to develop those not only unique, but outstanding results, and we can take them all the way from initial concept right through to the physical presentation.

I would like to invite you to join me in bringing your next great idea to fruition with us –

Daniel L Marsh (Danny)
Anything Engraved, Australia

Anything Engraved are proud supporters of CanTeen, the awesome network of individuals and volunteers that spend their lives helping and connecting young people that are dealing with the effects of cancer in the family.

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